Cracking Outbound

We decipher your cold outbound and create a predicatble flow of qualified leads.


We make your offer irresistible.

We help you make your offer so compelling that your ideal customer would feel foolish for saying ‘no.’ What does your prospect really want?


We find and validate your ideal prospects.

We ensure that we approach the right prospect companies: the kind of clients that make you happy and profitable.


Interested and qualified leads.

We ensure that you connect with the right people within the right companies who are interested in your service.

Why kobuz

How we do it

We Find The Right Audience

Reach your favorite customer

We identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) by looking at your existing and dream clients. We analyze them with software and find other prospects who meet the same criteria. We research the ICPs and ensure we target the right decision-makers.

We Make Your Offer Irresitable

Hit a home run with your offer

Your service is worth its weight in gold, you know it, we know it… but your prospect doesn’t yet. We’re here to change that. We delve into your service. What problems do you really solve? Marketing expertise, knowledge of psychology, and help from A/B testing ensure that we address your ICP so effectively, they simply have to respond to your offer.

Don't Just Start Emailing

We crack your cold outbound

We help you grow. We research the companies you want to work with, personalize the outreach with relevance, and meet the needs of your ICP so compellingly that they can’t pass up the opportunity. In short, we decipher your outbound and provide you with a steady supply of warm qualified leads, allowing your sales staff to do what they do best: close.

A look into the process

Quick onboarding

Our onboarding process is smooth and requires no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Day 1.

Building ICP list

In one week, we research your ideal customer, build and scrape a prospect list.

Day 2 - 4.

The perfect offer

We craft the right sales angles to make your offer irresistible (A/B testing).

Day 4 - 8.

System set-up

We build the most effective outreach system possible.
(We do all the work)

Day 9.

Control checkup

We provide you with insight into the system and the opportunity to refine it as desired.

Day 12.

Booked meetings

The first results come in almost immediately, while you hardly have to do anything.

Day 16.
About Us

Who are we for?

Find out if we are the right fit.

Problems that we solve:

  • Growth goals limited by sales
  • Failed attempts at outbound outreach
  • Traumas from poor lead generation agencies
  • Dependence on unpredictable inbound lead flow
  • Entrepreneurs who rely on themselves or individual salespeople for lead generation

We do this for companies:

  • That have growth capacity¬†
  • With a unique service offering
  • That value communication and trust
  • That are flexible in ‘packaging’ their offer
  • That have the quality to close warm leads
  • With a sufficient number of positive customers
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